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Cat Hotel in Preston, Lancashire

Cats Hotel

Here at North View Cats Hotel we have designed a very special cattery for your cat! As owners of cherished cats ourselves, we fully understand the importance of the quality of care and high standards that you need to experience when leaving your best friend whilst you go on holiday.

Paws & Relax: The Premier Cat Hotel in Preston

Choosing North View, means choosing a professional cat hotel in Preston ensuring your feline companion receives specialized care, a comfortable environment, and expert attention, providing peace of mind while you're away. Experienced staff offer personalized services, ensuring your cat's happiness and well-being.

The Cats Hotel offers very spacious, quiet, comfortable, centrally heated accommodation that is set in beautiful rural countryside. Each room has been designed to be homely and has been beautifully furnished. Within our cosy rooms there is also a radiator, large window and luxury cat activity centre and a selection of toys. This all provides a relaxed "home from home" environment for your cat to enjoy.

We spend a lot of quality time with each cat individually getting to know their personality, so they enjoy their time boarding here at the Cats Hotel. We have over 20 years’ experience in caring for your cats and we pride ourselves on the level of service that we provide for you. Whatever your cat’s unique personality and needs are, we at the Cats Hotel look forward to accommodating them.


We have our own supply of baskets that we use, but if your cat has a moulded bed, basket, or blankets that you would prefer it to use, please feel free to bring these. Each room in the Cats Hotel has a varied selection of toys and beautiful activity centres, but if you would like to bring any favourite toys for your cat to enjoy, please do so.


If your cat is used to being groomed, we are happy to continue this during their stay. Please bring your own brushes for us to groom your cat with and give us all instructions if needed.

Vaccination Requirements

Upon arrival owners must produce a valid vaccination certificate. All cats must be full vaccinated against Cat Flu and Enteritis. It is important that your cat is regularly wormed and checked for infestations.

Viewing the Cats Hotel

You are most welcome to call in during our opening hours to have a look around our facilities – you do not have to have an appointment.

Price List

Here at North View Cats Hotel we are proud to be one of the best value catteries in the area.

Below pricing is subject to you providing food for you cats' stay with us

Boarding for 1 cat - £10.00 per day
Boarding for 2 cats - £15.00 per day
Boarding for 3 cats - £17.50 per day
Boarding for 4 cats - £20.00 per day

(We have rooms large enough to accommodate up to 4 cats sharing.)

When your cat arrives for their stay, we will take note of your cats dietary requirements including; feeding amounts, times, treats, additional supplements and medication.

If you have any additional queries, please do not hesitate to call us to discuss these.